[V8] Jeremy's to-do list, was Headlight Question U.S. DOT's

Charles Wurts cwurts12 at mindspring.com
Mon May 9 22:33:00 EDT 2005

Leave it to Keith to bring reason to our lists.  His remarks are a good 
for triage of the lists.  Love the pig analogy!

Regarding brake lines, FWIW, I have not seen DOT approved Stainless 

On the vibration question, I don't have enough experience to answer 
your question.  However, I have had driveshaft bearing problem, long 
ago.  I think it was around 80 or 90k miles.  I did not do the 
diagnosis, or the work.  They symptom was a vibration that revealed 
itself, like a wheel bearing, at highway speeds.  It was a sort of 
rumble and did not show itself from the line, but rather at speeds over 
50 IIRC.  Could be a failed motor mount, but could also be the famous 
abused cross brace.  Might be worth checking how close the brace is to 
the driveline.   BTDT with my V8 and have also experienced this with an 


On May 9, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Jeremy Ward wrote:

> Thanks for the input Keith.  I often get caught in
> what-I-would-like-to-do vs. what-I-should-do.  :-)
> There was some discussion last month on the NW Audi List about Steel
> Braded Brake lines vs. OEM...  Anyone care to weigh in on this?
> Also, my car came with Yellow Koni and H&R Sports installed from the 
> PO,
> but I have no idea how old the struts are.  I don't *notice* any
> luxobarge issues, but with heavy-duty spring rates, how do you know 
> when
> it is time to replace them?  I assume Koni doesn't sell a 'refresh 
> kit',
> but rather the full kit you would buy if you were starting from stock,
> right?
> Lastly, I am suffering from a vibration off the line that seems to be
> coming from the middle to rear of the car.  Anyone have any tips on how
> to tell the difference between a failed motor mount vs. failed front
> subframe bushing, vs. rear subframe bushing, vs. an issue with the
> driveshaft?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Jeremy
> BTW, I have decided to not sell my baby to buy a 5spd model.  The goal
> is to get the car in tip-top shape and when the TB is due in 3 years,
> spend my kid's college savings...  If anyone has a line on a 4.2 and a
> B5 S4 6spd transmission between now and then, let me know ;-)
> <<snip>>
>  Brake hoses...I wish I had a dollar for every "perfect" V8 I've had  
> on
> the
> rack that turned out to have 4 dry rotted brake hoses and fluid that
> probably
> hadn't been flushed in 10 years.
>  Struts...  Worn struts allow excessive suspension movement and
> accelerate
> the wear of other components...namely balljoints and control arm
> bushings.
> Furthermore they are dangerous in emergency maneuvers and panic
> braking. If your
> "perfect" V8 rides like a high dollar luxobarge you need  new
> struts...NOW.
> The V8 should handle like what it is...a SPORT sedan.
>  Front suspension rebuild.... for the cost of a new set of Euro's I  
> can
> rebuild your entire front subframe, that's 2 new control arms all  6
> stabilizer
> bushings, and 4 subframe mounting bushings. If you like to do your  own
> work you
> can toss on both front struts and rear shocks AND the headlamp  relays
> for
> your DOT's at the same time.....now there is a cost effective upgrade
> you can
> enjoy day or night!
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