[V8] Headlight Question U.S. D.O.T.

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Tue May 10 18:01:11 EDT 2005

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bhitzler at kpbsd.k12.ak.us writes:

Das  Wolfen- I don't disagree with anything you've said regarding
suspension.  However, I had the wiring, relays, and harness upgrade with
100watt highs  and 80 watt lows before I went to the euros and there is
just no  comparison. Now my lighting is probably more critical than most. I
drive  55mph down a 2 lane rural Alaskan road that is heavily populated by
moose  that're way too anxious to become half ton hood ornaments.Six months
of the  year the road is pitch black, no lighting whatsoever. If lighting
is  important to you there is just no comparison with the euros no matter
what  you do with the stock lighting. Regards, Bill

That's kind of a special case but if you think about it my position is only  
strengthened by your situation. No matter how good the lighting is it only 
helps  if that half ton is already in the beam path. If something jumps up and 
forces  you into an emergency maneuver which do you need more, light or  
 While I was driving Unka Barts "Gentleman's Express", euro light  equipped, 
I had 3 deer run across the road in front of me in the middle of a  blind 
curve. I could have had a full rack of Rally lighting and it wouldn't have  made a 
bit of difference. As it was only three things prevented disaster.  My 
reaction time, ECS's awesome Stage 2 brakes, and a suspension that  performed 
exactly as it was supposed to.
 For the record I've probably driven around 100 V8's, stock  config DOT's, 
Relayed DOT's, and Euro's. IMO the best setup on any of them for  driving a dark 
2 lane is Mark W's with new DOT's, relays, and 55/65 wattage  bulbs. They 
don't have the shear distance of Euro's but they certainly light up  the sides of 
the road better...BOTH sides of the road....something Euro's just  don't do. 
And since I've never noticed wildlife to be picky about which side  they jump 

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