[V8] Headlight Question U.S. D.O.T.

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Wed May 11 09:53:58 EDT 2005

NAC - but funny - at least to me...

I was watching Comedy Central last night and the comic pointed out how easy it
was to miss a deer with a bullet traveling at 2200fps. His solution was to slow
down the bullet to 55MPH and put headlights and a horn on it. Can't miss with
that setup.

Back to our regular programming now...


Quoting DasWolfen at aol.com:

> In a message dated 5/10/05 3:30:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> bhitzler at kpbsd.k12.ak.us writes:
> Das  Wolfen- I don't disagree with anything you've said regarding
> suspension.  However, I had the wiring, relays, and harness upgrade with
> 100watt highs  and 80 watt lows before I went to the euros and there is
> just no  comparison. Now my lighting is probably more critical than most. I
> drive  55mph down a 2 lane rural Alaskan road that is heavily populated by
> moose  that're way too anxious to become half ton hood ornaments.Six months
> of the  year the road is pitch black, no lighting whatsoever. If lighting
> is  important to you there is just no comparison with the euros no matter
> what  you do with the stock lighting. Regards, Bill
> That's kind of a special case but if you think about it my position is only
> strengthened by your situation. No matter how good the lighting is it only
> helps  if that half ton is already in the beam path. If something jumps up
> and
> forces  you into an emergency maneuver which do you need more, light or
> suspension/brakes?
>  While I was driving Unka Barts "Gentleman's Express", euro light  equipped,
> I had 3 deer run across the road in front of me in the middle of a  blind
> curve. I could have had a full rack of Rally lighting and it wouldn't have
> made a
> bit of difference. As it was only three things prevented disaster.  My
> reaction time, ECS's awesome Stage 2 brakes, and a suspension that
> performed
> exactly as it was supposed to.
>  For the record I've probably driven around 100 V8's, stock  config DOT's,
> Relayed DOT's, and Euro's. IMO the best setup on any of them for  driving a
> dark
> 2 lane is Mark W's with new DOT's, relays, and 55/65 wattage  bulbs. They
> don't have the shear distance of Euro's but they certainly light up  the
> sides of
> the road better...BOTH sides of the road....something Euro's just  don't do.
> And since I've never noticed wildlife to be picky about which side  they
> jump
> from............
> Keith
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