[V8] Audifans in Auburn, Washington?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu May 12 17:38:30 EDT 2005

Speaking of Audi sightings and relative to the whole new Audi driver
being ignorant to the older models, I was at my local parts shop the
other day and just getting out of my V8.  There was a pearl one in the
lot and the guy was just coming out of the store.  Either he was lost
in thought or just clueless, but no recognition at all.  Oh well.

On 5/12/05, dsaad at icehouse.net <dsaad at icehouse.net> wrote:
> Slap yourself again!!
> Seems like I always see at least one on my trips through Seattle to Port
> Angeles. In fact PA has several that I know of.
> What is odd to me now that I think about it is that I used to always see a few
> around Boise - especially a red one in my neighborhood, but I have not had a
> sighting in quite a while.
> Hope that is not an omen...
> Dave

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