[V8] Re: V8s in Seattle (was Auburn or something else)

Michael Thomas irnstrw at yahoo.com
Fri May 13 12:03:03 EDT 2005

There is a great Audi gathering in Seattle, June 25th
at Bison Creek Pizza - close to the airport. Last year
Jeremy Ward and a bunch of us V8-ers went and ended up
with 5 cars. One is my sons black V8 - and he lives in
Seattle. So whoever has been slapping themselves, slap

Jeremy has a great V8 website, although as he has just
said in a recent post - he's way busy - and doesn't
have much time for this car stuff. The picture at the
top of his site is from the 2004 gathering.

Mine's the white one with 17" BBS and my son's has 18"
BBS and coil over suspension.

Hope to see as many V8 owners this year as possible.
It's a great event and everyone has a ball. This year
I promise my car will start when it's time to leave.

Michael Thomas

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