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Hows the wydralic fluid level? Sounds like the rack may be leaking.
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>I was coming home from fresno yesterday and just at teh top of the 
> white smokes starts pouring out the back. Once on the side of the road I
> lifted the hood to reveal a fire under the engine two bottles of water 
> later it was
> doused. I checked the trans fulid and oil both were full or at least 
> within
> reason. Restarted the car checked trans again and looked for oil but none 
> was
> forth coming. Today I cleaned the bottom of the engine and trans to start
> looking for the leak two test dives later it seems to be coming from 
> either the
> selector switch or the pan . Does anyone have this or a similar 
> experience? The
> pan looks like a right bitch to get out any pointers? Is it poosible for 
> fulid
> to come from the selector switch? The car runs great ,pulls hard etc... 
> While
> underneath the audi also noticed that the right front outside cv boot 
> needs
> replacment , the car gods have never blessed me with this job so advice 
> would be
> appreciated on this job as well. Last but not least I would really like to
> get the bently manual which is often referenced but I have been unable to 
> locate
> one anywhere, if there is a place please let me know. any info can be sent 
> to
> verbryckjack at aol com or to the list . Thanks George
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