[V8] 1990 V8 Serious Steering Control Issues

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Mon May 16 10:21:26 EDT 2005

ALL unplanned maintenance and repairs or un-explained damage to ALL of my cars
traces back to incompetent $%^&#$$  %#&Q%@#%6 &^#$%^@&#% *^#%^@&#% at either the
tire shop or muffler shop.

The short list:
They never replace nuts/bolts that are mandatory replace, they never torque
anything so everything is usually too tight, but sometimes too loose.

NOTE: many of the bolts in the front suspension are one time use only if any of
you did not know this, and the sub-frame bolts seem to get stripped out often. I
suspect this is due to using air tools improperly.

They never use proper jack/lift points, causing underbody damage.
They rarely get tire balance right on the first try, the steering wheel is
rarely centered after an alignment (until I bitch) and apparently they managed
to break my distributor cap on the last alignment.

The muffler guys seem to only have one tool - and it is really hot on one end.
They will weld or cut anything that gets in their way.

I would rather go to the dentist than visit either one of them. Unfortunately, I
am in need of both a complete muffler system and major front end rebuild.


Quoting Greg Furstenwerth <slicerdicer at comcast.net>:

> That reminds me of when I was driving around my 4000 with 2 missing
> subframe bolts for a month and did not know it... Well needless to say
> when I got them replaced it was heaps better. Oddly enough it was just
> after I got my tires replaced and it was fine before that and after it
> was messed up so I was going to take it back but discovered that. Since
> then I havent gone back to Les Schwab tires. They neglected to put on a
> lugnut once left vicegrips on my suspension and left one lugnut loose as
> well as bent the rims on that 4000. I think due to their incompetence
> they made my 4000 much worse than if I had taken it to somebody who knew
> what they were doing. But you live and learn eh?
> 93 V8Q
> North Bend WA
> Ingo Rautenberg wrote:
> >Judging by your description (especially the pop/snap bit) -- I'm guessing
> >broken subframe bolt.  Possibly severely worn-out control arm balljoint.
> >You know the old ladies that drive so slow it drives you nuts?  That's how
> >you have to drive home (if at all).  I'm quite wary of driving a car with
> >possible broken suspension (or worse, steering) components.
> >
> >Ingo
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> >Well, I seem to be in a heap of trouble.  I had been experiencing some
> >steering wheel *wobble* for 2-3 weeks and figured that between bad tires
> >and a probable need for an alignment, I might hold off for another
> >month...wrong!!!  Driving to work today I heard a pop/snap and my
> >steering wheel at any speed uncontrollably started to shake.  I nursed
> >the car to work since I was almost there and parked it.  I tried to look
> >under the car but at first glance really did not see anything and I had
> >to clock in so I could not take a look.  What I can say is that the car
> >wanders to the right and when I am making a long right turn the car is a
> >lot less *wobbly* but on a straight away even at 5MPH the steering
> >shakes horribly.  I could really use some help.  This is my only vehicle
> >and I need to get it up and running as soon as possible.  Any ideas?
> >Any response as to what it could be is greatly appreciated.  Thanks to
> >all.
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