[V8] Throttle linkage problem - solved

radek at istar.ca radek at istar.ca
Tue May 17 18:47:20 EDT 2005

Hello everyone.

A week or so ago I posted about a sticking throttle linkage but did not get much in terms
accumulated group experience.  Here's what I found out:

The throttle linkage (P/N 077-133-087A, price about Can$1,000) installed inside the IM
consists of a 
long shaft and a bracket.  The bracket is attached to the back of the engine under the
airbox by two 10 
mm nuts.  The front end of the shaft sits in a "mounting" (P/N 077-723-319G, price
Can.$523.00).  The 
mounting is held by a single Allen head bolt.

In my case, the shaft was sticking and not returning to rest position, not engaging the
TPS and causing 
very high idle.  I removed the two bolts holding the bracket but could not take the shaft
out because it 
was hitting the water pipes at the rear of the engine.  All I could do is lubricate the
bushing and get it to 
move freely again.

The real trouble was at the front.  The mounting, accessible by removing the ISV and
throttle plate 
assembly, is a small alloy casting with a bearing pressed in.  The bearing was seized
solid.  I managed 
to get an identical sealed bearing, part #698ZZMC3E made by NSK Bearings, for $25.  With
in my stomach I proceeded to press out the old bearing from the mounting, remembering the
price of $523.  Well, after a few days of soaking in diesel fuel it came out without any
trouble.  Only the 
inner race is accessible from the back but apparently the bearing's construction is such
that you can 
press the whole thing out just by pushing on the inner race.  I used a vise, no need for a
press.  I pressed in the new bearing and voila - the throttle linkage is moving again.

I have not been able to take out the shaft with its bracket but suspect the same or
similar bearing is 
used at the back of the engine as well.  It's very difficult to see given very tight
space.  Perhaps 
someone with the engine out of the car could check that.

91 V8Q 5-sp

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