[V8] Re: Throttle linkage problem - solved

diemarthadie at aol.com diemarthadie at aol.com
Wed May 18 11:29:13 EDT 2005

yeah, I suppose I should just post the explanation to the whole list since it gets asked often enough :)
...once upon a time, when Martha Stewart was just getting rolling with the whole 'paragon of living' thing, my wife and I were 'restoring' (ok rebuilding) a 200 year old farmhouse.  It was hard enough to get door frames straight and friends kept giving us Martha Stewart design books and things about how great her decor was, etc... and I knew that she had a huge staff, lived on an estate and was not quite doing all of this on her own from scratch... so it was driving me insane and I finally released the anger with a screen name ;)  And through it all she only got more prominent, TV shows, clothing and decorative lines, etc... until finally she got a kick in the shins (my happiest day).  I've had the screen name for a very long time, as you can guess, but I was still tempted to change it to jailmarthajail... just cause I'm cruel like that.
Or, if you prefer the Simpsons explanation, it's German for The Martha The.
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You know I just have to ask whats with the DieMarthaDie address name?
Its kinda differnet :)

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