[V8] Re: V8 Digest, Vol 19, Issue 25

Wed May 18 19:18:02 EDT 2005

Well for any of you who have interest in my ingoing saga with the 
transmission leak it has been found. I was having so many problems finding it as the leak 
was running down one of the pan bolts onto the front drive shat which in turn 
put the fulid everywhere! I had asked about how to remove the pan with no 
response I will have to say the mounting bolts are juat about as unacessable as 
any I have ever seen and the bolt causing the problem could only be tightened 
1/4-1/2 of a turn . Great it cost nothing to fix but took 5 hours to find and 
tighten. If you ever run into this problem make sure you have acouple of 
different box end wrenches long and short extensions with wobble and at least a 3/8 
and 1/4 drive available for the above mentioned tools. I tightened all six 
mounting bolts to be safe and I did not havr to take the exhaust down so it is 
possible. I did not replace the gasket because I was so unsure this would fix 
the problem but I beleive it would be possible to do it by just droppping the 
pan with the exhaust still attachted and wiggiling the old gasket out and the 
new one in . Well I guess that just about wraps it up now when time permits I 
will replace the the driver cv boot and it will be without flaws for maybe 20 
minutes. If this car weren't so much fun to drive I don't know, Cheers George

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