[V8] Headliner Color

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Mon May 23 22:56:58 EDT 2005

It's a 5-speed with "graphite" leather Barcaloungers.

I thought the V8 headliner was a little more grey than the one in my old 89
200Q (with "platinum" interior), but apparently not.  I guess the headliner,
at least, is not pure V$.


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What year is you v8? If its an early one, then its the same as the other 
type 44's. If it a later (4.2 car) Then the material is different as well as

the color
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Years ago when I needed a new sun visor, the dealer said they were a custom
color and would cost over $400 each, whereas 100's and 200's were all the
same and were (IIRC) about $130.  Last weekend, I pulled a sunroof liner out
of a Type 44 100 with grey cloth seats because I wanted to experiment on
it-mine is sagging.  When I got it home, it looks like it's the same color
as my V8 w/ black interior.  Is the headliner for a black V8 interior the
standard color (are they all?) or am I just colorblind?


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