[V8] Arrival of "The Black Mariah"...

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Sat May 28 19:24:35 EDT 2005

Well a couple of rain sodden weeks in "The Black Mariah", and some


First of all, the acceleration and overall performance of this "chipped"
20-valve is wonderful.  The torque comes on in any gear and is simply
"there" for whatever speed one wants.  I have no signs of any detonation,
but of course, will use only premium fuel.  So, 2.4-2.5 bar is OK, and there
when it is needed.  My mechanic will install an analog boost gauge when I
take the car in another time.


I have intermittent speedo bounce.  VERY intermittent, but the cruise
control is inop, so I suspect a fault still remains in the cluster
somewhere.  We'll get into that some time, but not right away.


Brake pulsing.just a tiny bit when the car is near stopped.  First off will
be a complete four wheel alignment which will be done when the new alignment
machine is installed.perhaps next week.  The machine has been ordered.


I have reread all the service records that came with the car. First of all,
the original owners had it serviced by the dealer in Brookline,
Massachusetts from day one, to just over 100,000 miles. They were covered by
an aftermarket, extended warranty from GE Capital, so they had bought the
car with the intent that they would keep it and keep it in service, PROPERLY
serviced for the duration of the 100k warranty.  They did, and the dealer
cranked it up a lot, I think.  The car was well serviced through the first
100,000 miles.


I find no weaknesses in the car at this point.  I suspect that the
transmission shifting forks are wearing, but that is  normal.  The car runs
like a scalded rabbit when necessary, and aside from a few annoying rattles
in the interior, I find few faults.  Once the wheel alignment is done, I
will do to the UFO "truing procedure" that is so famous, and see where that
leaves the braking action.


Initial fuel mileage for an eclectic accumulation of miles in the first two
tanks..around 22 miles per gallon of premium.


I'm starting to assess the body, and am ambivalent about making it really
clean and sweet and just driving the old girl for all she's worth!



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