[V8] Brake Rotors

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Thu Nov 3 01:54:39 EST 2005

Like I said I dont see any visible damage and I assume by what you mean 
deep grooves they would be visible aye? I dont see any visible grooves. 
This is why I ask if they are yanking my chain trying to get me to 
purchase something I do not need. As for my 4000 it did have a bad 
caliper so much so that it dragged alot so those were shot and I could 
see visible damage I am full aware what a dragging caliper damage looks 
like none is there.

Well anyway thanks for the response I did not know that they did not 
wear out good to know.

tlum at flash.net wrote:

>If the rotors were shot, they'd have deep grooves in the surface.  IME, the rear rotors don't wear out, they get damaged by worn out pads.  You can also measure the thickness.  On the face of the "hat" or on the rim of the rotor itself has a minimum thickness stamped on it.  I suppose a dragging caliper could do something similar.
>'83 urq #302
>= = = Original message = = =
>Ok I went to get my tires done and I must say I am very glad I did the 
>car drives much much better.
>Anyway while I was there they said that the rear brakes are very close 
>to having no pad on them I will agree with them on that one but what I 
>am concerned about is they said the rotors needed replacing. I see no 
>visible signs of damage and nor do they feel funky when I brake the car. 
>I am just wondering if they are trying to sell me something I dont need. 
>I do not know when the last time the car had rotors the car has 116k 
>miles on it. Please advise on what to do I really dont want to fork out 
>cash for BS things.
>BTW while I was there they let me go back and investigate the car for 
>the oil leak "yay" it looks like its coming from the oil sensor. I am 
>wondering if this is a probable place for 1 quart or so of oil to leak 
>out per month. When clean the oil was only dripping from one spot and 
>that seems to be the spot. I can take some photos of it if needed and 
>show you guys but this is where it looks to be coming from after cleaning.
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