[V8] Dunlop Graspics

Carol, Dave, and Zach Weiss cdzweiss at charter.net
Fri Nov 4 23:42:09 EST 2005

I looked at the Arctic Alpins some years back, but at that time they didn't
come in the correct load range for the V8.  I ended up with Pirelli Winter
210's which were fine for Missouri-- wet slush and potholes are what we see
most (he says, dooming the state to a season of ice), and they weren't mushy
in dry weather.  Now all I have are two sets of ur-S4 wheels, all with
SP8000's.  No more messing with cast wheels.  Just have to wear a set down
and get winter tires again.  ;^)


Dave Weiss

91 5-speed



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