[V8] What's next: the final demise of the V8.

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Mon Nov 7 16:00:41 EST 2005

Kind of an unholy comment, but go drive a turbo 5 cylinder Volvo AWD.  Any
model.  I have driven the V50 and V70R.  The V70R reminds me of an AAN on
steroids.  The V50 (S40 in sedan form) is was similar with less power and
weight.  I really liked the cars.  However my wife just bought a 2005.5 A4
2.0T so no new cars for a while.


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> Could be, and yes, I am always thinking about the "next" car.  Unhappily,
> there really isn't anything that I want, other than another V8, of course.
> But I am not sure that I would want an A6 into which I had shoehorned a V8.
> It IS an attractive idea of course, but it wouldn't be a REAL V8, just
> something that was sort of "cobbed up".  My mechanic has a very nice A6 that
> he owns outright that could be a very good car for the purpose, but I am not
> sure that that is what I would like to  do....it just won't LOOK like a V8.
> Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll just have to have a V8 AND a 20-valve Avant.  If I did,
> under the worst case scenario, the total cost of the two cars would be less
> than a new Camry.

> Roger M. Woodbury wrote:
>> Now that gas prices have retreated from the shadow of
>> $3 per gallon, and we can breathe again, I have begun
>> to think about the next car.
> Hah!  Like many of us, you are alway thinking about the
> next car, regardless of the price of gas. :)
> I know you pay a mechanic to do your dirty work, so this
> might be cost prohibitive, but I'd drop a 4.2L V8 into
> an early A6 Avant -- the V8 for power, the wagon for
> utility, the combo for stealth. I might also opt for a
> 5-speed manual. But since you like your 20V Avant, a
> 95.5 S Avant would fit the bill with no engine-swap
> headaches.

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