[V8] Anyone parting out a V8 in the Midwest?

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Nov 9 10:19:06 EST 2005

Someone reported a while back about removing a light fixture without
removing the bumper cover.  Should be in the V8 archives at Audifans.com.

Euros for V8s have been on ebay for around $400.  

At 09:00 AM 11/9/2005 -0600, Korn, Bob wrote:
>Tore into the beast last night.  Got the hood open without much
>struggle, thankfully!  Should be able to beat and bend back to a
>reasonable shape to get it closed up so I can at least drive to the body
>shop.  I did spend some time in a body shop during my youth so am
>familiar with the fine art of beating out a panel!  I don't see any
>damage to the radiator and light assy supports, however need to tear
>down a little further to confirm.  I looked at the manual and in its
>cryptic manner it appears that the bumper needs to come off to get to
>the light assembly.  Can someone confirm this?  I also assume that the
>side marker light removal will become obvious when the bumper is
>removed?  Now I'm thinking about the
>Euro's.......................already have a huge pile of parts to put on
>this beast, however, what an opportunity!   Are they still running
>around $300?  Any reliable current sources any one can recommend?
>90 V8 Pearl in need of some TLC.
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>From: Korn, Bob 
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>Subject: Anyone parting out a V8 in the midwest?
>Had a little unintended contact with a Ford truck this morning, need a
>hood and a  drivers side head light assembly at a minimum, anyone
>parting out any V8's in the central US?  I'm in the Kansas City area.  
>90 Pearl V8 
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