[V8] The ongoing TB Saga 5

John Dodd jidodd at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 10 00:59:32 EST 2005

If the bearing is not noisy or the gasket leaking I'd say leave it
I changed mine and made no difference except a lot of hassle and
money.(150 Cad)
I removed first the pulley then I tried to remove the bearing. The
bearing was so tight on the oil pump shaft that it came out with the
So I was holding the bearing and the shaft in my hand. With some help
and a 3 jaw puller I managed to pull the bearing from the shaft.
For the seal I used one of those pullers with a claw. It was a
...tch,but remember I had no shaft in there so I could pull more or less
unobstructed.(place the tool behind the seal)
I was afraid of scarring the surface etc.
Next day I put the new seal back in and the pump shaft but again no way
the bearing would nicely slip over the shaft.
Again with some help we tried to heat the bearing on a lamp and slip it
over. Did not work. Ended up hammering the shaft on to the bearing and
then put it back into the pump through the new gasket and bolted with
the three bolts. I tried to rotate it and it was really tight unlike the
old one which was very easy to turn. So I panic !
After torquing the 3 bolts to the right value it loosened itself and
seems fine. No leaks for now.
If I were doing it again I 'd find myself some dry ice and place the oil
pump shaft in it. It may be enough to make it slip inside the bearing.I
could do a calculation to see
If it will work.
This lesson taught me not to touch the crank seal, unless I have the
tools they call for.
Good luck anyway.

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