[V8] Newbie with OLD cars!

Gunter Lorberg glforensic at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 11 00:26:41 EST 2005

  WRT the car occasionally stalling while in drive, I would suggest that you give the idle stabilizer valve a good cleaning, but I would also suggest that your problem could be related to an unusually low level of automatic transmission fluid.  I purchased my second V8 over a year ago and it occasionally stalled as well UNTIL I discovered that it was short more than 2 quarts of ATF.  Problem has never recurred.
  2 Canadian 1990 V8s

Michele_Deltergo at KeyBank.com wrote:

Alright, I succumbed to the buy a Flagship Audi on the cheap (up front)
syndrome redux! I have wandered again into the limited US production arena
Audi products which IMHO usually means expensive, re UrQ, re S6 Avant, Re
CQ, Re 200 20v Avant X 2 (1 for sale) and now the 1990-V8!
Car is very low mile and most things that should have been replaced with
age are original, had dealer do TB and related while I have been going
through the car before really putting miles on it. Tune up stuff, (cap and
rotor fun) VC gaskets, O2. I can not find, so far, the proper Idle speed
referenced? Car occasionally dies in drive while stopped, other electrical
gremlins so far = occasional tandem dropout of Fuel level and coolant temp.
Trip computer miles to empty occasionally blank. Is there any common IC
fix ALA the 200 20V? Favored vendor for Bose system fixes? Will go
through all fluids and thing that should get priority?
So far so good.

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