[V8] Cars I might want....maybe V8 content....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 12 09:12:11 EST 2005

I am watching a couple of eBay auctions.  I haunt eBay looking for that
illusive "perfect" and unusual V8, but occasionally I find some of those
"other" cars that I have always thought I wanted.  Yesterday, I hit a sort
of "mother lode" of cars that I have always thought it would be neat to
have.  No V8's, but here is the list.

First up is a very, very nice looking Mercedes 350 SD.  Now, this particular
car is of interest to me because it was made in relatively small numbers,
using the six cylinder turbo diesel engine that Mercedes built for only a
couple of years.  The engine was used in the '87 300D cars, and in the
350SD/SDL for several years.  When I was going back and forth to the west
coast of Florida as attorney for my elderly uncle, I bought an '87 300D on
speculation and drove it back to Maine to resell.  That car was wonderful,
and the engine was smooth and powerful, delivering better fuel mileage at
highway speeds than the earlier W123 300D that I had owned with a new

The 350SD was the "big body" Mercedes, and the majority of these cars were
had the "L" in the model number, which designated the longer wheelbase.  But
the 350SD was a really good handling, big car, and the car in question
appears to be in magnificent condition, and extremely well maintained.  But
alas, it only is rear wheel drive, and I swore off two wheel drive cars for
Lent a long time ago....seems it was snowing that day.

Then there is the '87 300TDT for sale.  A wonderful looking high mileage
Mercedes wagon, with the magic 6 cylinder turbo diesel.  The description of
this car is interesting.  Having bought the car in Texas and moving it to
California, between the initial mileage of 100k or so, and the 185K on it
now, the owner has put a fortune into rehabbing the car.  Looks great, and I
would LOVE to have another one of these wonderful Mercedes.

Now the six cylinder three litre turbo diesel was offered only one
year...1987...which makes this good looking car quite rare, as there weren't
a lot of stationwagons.  Mercedes had considerable difficulty with the
cylinderheads on this engine, as well as the trap oxidizers used in the
emissions control system, which is largely why the engine was withdrawn
after 1987.  But they did extensive recalls on the car, and once 'right',
the cars were terrific performers.  

Alas:  two wheel drive only in diesel form.

And of course, none of these cars is a Audi V8!


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