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Mon Nov 14 17:12:45 EST 2005

 "Roger M. Woodbury" <rmwoodbury at adelphia.net> writes:

> a lot of stationwagons.  Mercedes had considerable difficulty with 
> the cylinderheads on this engine, as well as the trap oxidizers used in

> the emissions control system, which is largely why the engine was 
> withdrawn after 1987.  But they did extensive recalls on the car, and
> 'right', the cars were terrific performers.  

Never heard of any problems with the heads.  
MAC-Audi should however take note of how Mercyless Benz treats it's
customers and stands behind their products.  Just before I bought my
300TD from the previous owner,  Mercedes had removed the trap converter
(replaced with a cast iron piece), the front exhaust and put in a brand
new turbo (trap converter shrapnel took it out), all for free....over ten
years and 170K miles after purchase.  
Audi won't even give it's owners a discount on "updated" (Audi's term for
badly designed/manufactured) parts such as the door locks et al on it's
flagship V8Q's.

Happy trails, Hans.

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