[V8] headlight relays

Mike Arman Armanmik at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 19 11:24:55 EST 2005

Here's how I wired my V8 Eurolights:

Power comes from the jump start terminal, it unscrews. Hold the bottom 
with one wrench, unscrew the stud- and be careful, this is LIVE and has 
full battery power on it!

Four fat red wires, each with an inline fuse (20 amps I think, 10 would 
be adequate), each one goes to the hot terminal on each of the four relays.

The relays are mounted on the back of the eurolight housings. The 
eurolights are bigger than the DOT lights (the case is deeper), so 
things get a little crowded.

White and yellow are high and low beams (forget which is which) connect 
to the trigger terminals on the relays, these come out of the harness, 
and are sourced through the column switch - this is the weak point since 
the column switch really isn't up to the job of running the headlights, 
but will last forever if it is just controlling the relays.

Output of the relays goes to the correct terminal on the six-pin 
connector array on the back of the headlight housing. I used the blue 
push-ons, female, they go right on to the pins on the light. I got a set 
of MB taillight sockets from a junkyard (out of a 190, amazing feeling 
to brazenly take a pair of wire cutters to a Benz!), but have not 
installed them yet.

Remember to ground the relays and the headlamps - find an unpainted 
ground somewhere close.

Autocheck was disabled previously since I relayed the DOT lights in a 
vain attempt to see where I was going at night (silly me), but the CURE 
is eurolights.

Pull the autocheck relay (passenger footwell, middle row, tall relay, it 
is on the chart), and it just takes a pair of jumpers, male/male, 2" of 
wire, make a U turn. The exact terminals are in the archives somewhere 
(it has been a while).

Results - even if one relay fails, I still have the other three lights, 
I can see where I am going, and HAL (autocheck) doesn't nag me about the 
airlock being open.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8, not just a car, an ADVENTURE!

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