[V8] "No Start" Problem

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I guess the time has come to give into "Code Reading"  This "List" has saved me over the years and I've been very lucky with any V8 problems.  Off to Radio Shack I go.
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You da man!  Unbelievable that with **5** Audi V8's, you've never had to
read any codes yet ;-)

Go to Radio Shack and pick up an led, get some butt connectors and you're
good to go.

See here:  http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/ecufv8.html


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> My 93 V8 has gotten jealous over the new purchase of the 93 V8 5-spd from
Steve Bednarski and has decide to stop starting.
> It will kick over with a little staring fluid and then immediately cut
back off.  I presume the fuel pump is not kicking in but how do I tell if
it's a bad sensor or just a bad fuel pump.
> I have not taken any codes yet (mainly because I have never done it before
and I'm not sure how to).
> Is there somewhere I should be starting first to find the problem????
> Thanks
> Bob Blake
> 90 V8
> 91 V8
> 92 V8
> 93 V8 No Start
> 93 V8 5 Spd
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