[V8] Cold killing gas mileage (finally fixed!!!)

Joel Liggins quickaudi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 21:05:30 EST 2005

Well, I finally gave up and took my car in to see Doug @ German Performance
Options.  He replaced the timing belt/water pump, etc., at the beginning of
the year, so I asked him to take a look into it.  After investigating and
tinkering, he named the O2 sensor as the culprit and replaced the 4 wire
sensor with a new OEM one.
Background info: I had replaced the original sensor with the recommended
generic 3 wire sensor; when that didn't seem to help, I went to the generic
4 wire solution.  My gas mileage actually got worse.  Fast forward to now:
Doug's been driving the car around town, and his in-town gas mileage is
around 20 mpg, which is better than I got when I had the cruise control on
at 65 mph.  So, did I not run the wires right, or can I just not crimp, or
was the orignal wiring that I spliced into bad?  I am going to lean towards
the latter, though anything is possible.  At any rate, the car is running
better and getting much better gas mileage.  And, it had nothing to do with
cold weather.

'01.5 S4
'90 V8q
'86 5kcstq

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