[V8] My V8 is eating batteries

Cole Blacksmith coalblacksmith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 01:53:31 EST 2005

In July, I went out to start my V8: dead battery. Got a jump, and the car
was happy for about a month til the battery died again. At this point, I
decided just to replace the battery with a shiny new one from the folks at
AAA. This made the car happy until...oh...October. Called AAA out, they
jumpstart the car with no problems, test the battery, and their little
tester shows that the battery needs replacement. I still have warranty on
the battery , so they replace it free.

About 4 days ago, the car battery died again. Called AAA, they jumped the
car successfully, tested the battery and replaced it again. Today, the
battery is dead again, and I'm pretty cottonpickin' sure that I'm not just
getting a bad batch of batteries from AAA, and eventually I assume they'll
cut me off and take away my card. Always, there's enough power to run the
dome lights, but not enough to allow the central locking system to work. The
instrument panel lights up when I try and start the car.

Since the weather has turned colder here, I've noticed that in the morning,
the car doesn't start quite as easily as it normally does.

Am I looking at a problem with the voltage regulator, alternator, or some
more serious electrical problem? Thanks!

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