[V8] High idle and interesting developments

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Sun Oct 2 01:23:24 EDT 2005

A week and a half ago I participated in a track day and gave the V8 and it's new suspension a workout.  At the time I sensed an air leak by the pass side distributor.  Durning the past week, idle has gone from ~800 rpm to ~1k rpm.  Today while performing routine maintenence checks I decided to pinpoint the suspected air leak.  I removed the air cleaner cover, air filter, and air filter to manifold plenum.  I then inspected the rubber hoses and couldn't find any cracks (previous owner had replaced all rubber hoses).  So then I decide to pinch the hose behind the engine that goes to the check valve and voila! air leak noise is gone.  I follow the "relatively" hard plastic line and find a rip/tear at the area just forward of where the fuel lines are at the passenger strut tower.  Ended up wrapping it with self-fusing polymer tape.

Result:  Leak stopped, idle now constant ~650 rpm and the CRUISE control now works again after...could it be two YEARS??

Too early to tell if there is a mileage or performance gain.


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