[V8] RHD questions

pdlord@talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Mon Oct 3 00:34:24 EDT 2005

There are probably only about two of you here out of about 200 RHDs ever sold...
anyway, I have a RHD-related questions. This is an Aust spec car but UK would be

1. I have tried to fix a faulty temp gauge, - no luck. Checked for cracked
solder joints or breaks in the circuit board, re-soldered the IC board solder
points (where the gauge bolts go thru the circuit board)and checked for bent or
broken pins on the connector at the back of the cluster. All look good. Looking
at the circuit board, it seems to earth with the fuel gauge, which works
perfectly. I even tried a bit of parts swapping therapy (replaced the temp
sensor at the front of the engine ). The gauge works when it feels like it,
usually from a cold start on the way to work. But not always.
Can you power the gauge itself (to test if it works) with 12v or does it need a
resistor - if so what resistance? My only other avenue is to buy a used 100
cluster, hope it the temp gauge is the same, and try a swap.

2. With lights on, is the gear indicator on the dash backlit? Mine tells me what
gear I'm in but i can't see it in darkness. There are two globes back there and
I'd guess there not getting power or blown.

3. Just started to get coolant dripping from the footwell vent on the passengers
side, so am going in to investigate a leaking heater core/tap/hose. Is it a
mirror image of LHD operation?

4. Anyone with RHS esp Aus spec have a centre armrest attached to the front
passenger seat? Mine has a vinyl flap glued near where I've seen some LHD cars
with an armrest positioned.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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