[V8] Mystery Wire

Eric Devansky edevansky at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 20:26:22 EDT 2005

Thanks for the comprehensive reply to my question. My car is a 1991, so that
is most likely the servotronic, and not the cause of my problem.

I jumped the fuel pump relay, and the pump is turning on, however I have not
gone beyond that. The big problem is the car is not here at my house, but
out of the way at my parents house. I am going to get over there tomorrow
night and run the fuel system test.

Thanks for all of the help!

On 10/3/05, Buchholz, Steven <Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com> wrote:
> ... what year car do you have?
> If your car is a 1991 it will have Servotronic steering assist ...
> basically speed dependent variable assist. The wiring diagram shows
> that the wires connecting to the valve on the steering rack are Green
> and Grey/White. Some folks do not appreciate the extra assist the
> system provides at slow speeds, so they disconnect the system ... which
> basically sets the assist level to what you would get if you were
> driving something like 100MPH. I prefer the Servotronic, and have it
> connected on both my '91s ...
> We're talking about a problem that developed on a car that worked for
> you at one time aren't we? Chances are the wire was disconnected when
> you bought the car and it is not at all likely to be related to the
> problem that developed on your car.
> I was the one who recommended that you check the fuel pump ... have you
> investigated this further? There are some "output" diagnostics
> available that allow you to tell whether or not things like the fuel
> injectors are clicking and such. You might want to try this ... check
> out Scott Mockry's site:
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/ecufv8.html
> ... look for the section on output tests. These tests run the fuel pump
> as well as other output devices like the fuel injectors and ISV with the
> engine stopped so you can hear them work ... or not. I see Scott's site
> does not indicate that the Fuel Pump is activated ... I was pretty sure
> that it was supposed to do this ... maybe I'm remembering the MC engine
> ... I don't see in the service manual that the fuel pump is supposed to
> be activated.
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> >
> > Under the hood of my V8 there is a wire that runs along the driver
> side
> > frame rail, and plugs into what looks like the steering rack under the
> brake
> > master cylinder. It contains a green and a white wire. Does anyone
> know what
> > this is for? I just notices it appears that the PO of my car pinched
> it
> > between the frame rail and the heat shield on the passenger side. It's
> a
> > long shot, but could this be part of my no start problem?
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