[V8] Talking about "Da Bomb" ...

cobram@juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Oct 5 17:01:46 EDT 2005

I suspect it's all a numbers game.  Here's a old post, 3 different
suffixes on the same part: 

The PT part was superceded to the ABH part many years ago, so there is no
such thing as a PT only accumulator, ABH & PT are the same.  If someone
told you the PT accumulator is more money, they may have confused
different brands instead of different applications.

A while ago I had to get some bushings for a Honda Prelude, luckily the
dealer counter guy was a friend of a friend.  When I go to pick them up
he hands me some Accord bushings...exactly the same, only the Accord
bushings had completely different numbers and were about $100 cheaper.

I left Flick to certain annihilation. But BB gun mania knows no loyalty.

 radek at istar.ca writes:

> Since I will be replacing mine, I'd like to know if there REALLY is 
> a difference between PT and ABH  versions.  The Family Album 
> lists two different part numbers, 

> part.  I spoke with Impex a while ago and they could get me the PT 
> version but it would be more 
> expensive than the ABH.   Can anyone sort this out?

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