[V8] Timing Belt Saga 4.5

dsaad@icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu Oct 6 10:51:37 EDT 2005

The whole throttle body easily comes off with a few bolts. May as well get the
whole thing out of the way as opposed to marginally giving yourself more room
while at the same time upsetting the TPS adjustment.
Another reason to remove the throttle body is that small pebbles somehow manage
to get in there and jam the throttle linkage. This is a good spot to inspect
periodically. The throttle plates probably could also use a cleaning.

Before I remove small bolts like this, I put the Torx bit in the bolt head and
give it a few sharp taps with a hammer. I think this helps loosen the threads.
If I think a bolt might break, I figure out a way to tap on the tool while
applying torque. It almost always works.
Specifically, I have a small 1/4" breaker bar with an extension and the Torx
bit. I can apply torque while tapping the head of the breaker bar. No damage to
my tools or the bolt. Its like magic I tell ya...

And on holding the cam sprockets while loosening the bolts, I do that before I
install the cam plates or remove the t-belt. To tighten them, there is a generic
tool you can buy or you can just screw two long 3/8" wood bolts into a 2X4 so
the bolt heads catch the arms of the sprocket. This is what I did. The tool
takes all of 5 minutes to make.


Quoting Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>:

> So, after Dave Head's suggestion I attack the camshaft pulleys with a 2X4
> angled at 45 degrees struck three times with a big hammer, I got the
> pulleys loose.  Good tip to remember.  I'd been beating on them with a
> deadblow hammer and not getting anywhere.
> Now I've encountered yet another problem.  The top center bolt on the
> waterpump housing broke off in its hole:
> http://www.pbase.com/kneale_brownson/image/50324884   It's the one with the
> arrow pointing to it.  It couldn't be one that's out in the open, it had to
> be the only bolt that cannot be approached dead-on for drilling out.   What
> all am I going to have to remove to get a clear shot at that bolt?
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