[V8] 40 MPG V8

Stafford, Kenneth A. stafford at WPI.EDU
Thu Oct 6 18:38:17 EDT 2005

That was an interesting Top Gear show.  That engine is amazing.  Actually it
is the same disp at the gas engine, 4172cc, puts out the same 335Hp (but at
3750rpm!), but has a colossal 479 ft-lb of torque!  Even though the diesel
version weighs about 165 kgs more, it is rated at 25% better fuel mileage
with about 15% fewer CO2 emissions.  It also does 0-62 in 5.9 secs (vs 6.3
for the gas version).  Better acceleration, same top end, better fuel
mileage, fewer green house emissions...it does cost about 2% more...sounds
mighty attractive.

91 V8Q  

> > > Last night on the Discovery Channel, Top Gear did a test of a 
> > twin-turbo V8 engined A8: can it go from London to 
> Edinburgh and back 
> > to London -- 800 miles -- on one tank of fuel? Yes.
> > Jeremy Clarkson managed to average almost 40 MPG to do it, 
> just barely 
> > making it back to the filling station long after the "miles 
> to empty" 
> > had hit zero.
> >
> > How?  The engine was a 4.0L diesel, which we don't get here in the 
> > USofA.  Maybe with gas over $3/gallon here, Audi well 
> re-evaluate its 
> > position.

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