[V8] transmission whoes part Duex

J123fs@aol.com J123fs at aol.com
Sat Oct 15 10:50:50 EDT 2005

Hey all,
My 91's transmission is in limp home mode. 
Here is the timeline:
April this year full rebuild on transmission to the tune of 4500  bucks.
Car has run and shifted flawlessly since.
Last Friday (week ago) car was parked (running and shifting  perfect).
This Friday car goes into limp home mode. 
Two things- car was parked, and driveway flooded, so a good 2-3 inches of  
water where under car for at least 24 hours, and wife left pass window down a  
crack through 5 days of pretty much non-stop rain, so interior though not 
soaked  is pretty damp.....( I live in NH, where it appears we will never see the 
sun  again, everything is flooded including a stream that runs through my land, 
 and I'm thinking of building an Ark for fun)
The display is NOT lighting all the PRND321 which is supposed to happen in  
limp home mode, instead the just the letters are lit with no highlight on any  
Also when starting the car, I'm getting a 5-8 second buzzing noise from  
under the drivers side speaker that sounds just like a relay clicking open and  
closed very fast.....what do the collective minds think? 
Selector switch moisture issues? 
I'm going to blink out the fault codes later after a birthday party, and  see 
what it tells me.
Has anyone got an idea of how to pull the connector apart (where is it?),  or 
do you access it from above in the pass compartment? Or from below? Any BTDT  
would be very appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance,

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