[V8] Headliner repair

Mark Kalbskopf gbmarc at cox.net
Mon Oct 17 19:51:06 EDT 2005

After having this problem on several other cars, I found the 'easy 
I went down to Paul's Auto body and upholstery. He said "Give me $278 
and I'll fix your headliner"
  . .so I did, and he fixed it!!   :)

Mark K.

> 0:58:21 AM EDT
> To: v8 at audifans.com
> Subject: [V8] Headliner Repair
> I noticed this morning that part of my headliner has fallen.
> Is there an easy repair for this?  I don't think that there is, but one
> must ask . . . ? ? ?
> Nathan

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