[V8] It's a Miracle ! New TB works !First impressions

John Dodd jidodd at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 22 01:37:53 EDT 2005

Finally got the chance to turn the engine on after almost 4 weeks of on-
off work on the car.
For a guy that never changed a timing belt it feels pretty good. My
biggest job before was to change the hydraulic pump on the V8.
Certainly I could'nt have done without your help guys .From  advice to
literature it all made a difference. Thanks a million.
In fairness I got some advice and some help from a relative but I'd say
it was 90% my job. The best thing is all that I learned from
doing all this. I certainly recommend trying it once just for the
learning experience.
I know I'm not in the clear yet as the car is still on the ramps. Only
time and miles will really test my work.
At first try no success .It got really scary. Then it was time to charge
the battery and after an hour try number 2.It took a few seconds before
it fired and
what a relief.It was running ! Took me 3 years to get the courage to
attempt the job.
First impression: idles Ok but not as good as before. Feels kind of
tight up to 1500 rpm. I'm not sure how to explain it.
When  touching  the fender I can feel some vibration or harshness that
was'nt there before. At 2000 rpm it feels very smooth.
I guess only a test drive can really tell the story. Tomorrow  is the
On the plus side: I hear no strange or unusual noises.
My motor mounts are not in good shape either.
Parts that I replaced:
Timing belt and all the rollers , tensioners ,oil pump bearing, oil pump
Additional stuff  replaced:
Distributor caps, distributor flange rings, distributor O rings and
valve cover gaskets, tranny cooler lines O rings,
the two rollers for the serpentine belt and also installed new
serpentine belt.

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