[V8] new v8, shiny new set of problems.

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Oct 27 07:27:49 EDT 2005

Check that the electric fan is operating (should always run when the A/C is
engaged).  If not, check that the fusible link in the little box attached
to the hydraulic fluid reservoir bracket is intact.  Note that the link may
look OK and come apart in your hands if you undo one of the screws holding
it in place.  The fusible link is about $1 at the dealer.  It's an 80-amp
fuse if you can't find one and want to substitute a fuseholder/fuse from FLAPS.

The smoke may well be the hydraulic pump leaking.  That could be why the
steering is heavy.  

At 01:02 AM 10/27/2005 -0700, Cole Blacksmith wrote:
>I just picked up another 90 v8q, mostly because I already love the one I
>have despite its quirks, and also because the new one is in the really cool
>dark grey paint with a black interior, and has low miles for its age (132k),
>very nice exterior and interior condition.
>I've got one serious problem with it that I need to get sorted out, though:
>At highway speeds, it runs pretty cool (~100C), but in stop and go traffic,
>where it's not getting the airflow, it'll quickly run up to 110 (and
>probably hotter, if I let it), and I can see a few wisps of smoke coming out
>of the driver's side of the hood near the front.
>It's got a couple of other oddball things, mainly that the power steering is
>miserable at very low speeds (like backing out of a parking space), but
>better at higher speeds, and the central locking system doesn't work. I can
>spend some time on those once I get the car back to Portland, but it's in
>Seattle at the moment, and I'm not even attempting to drive it back with the
>overheating problem.
>So...any suggestions as to what to look at on the overheating problem, and a
>reputable mechanic in the Seattle area? Thanks for any suggestions/advice.
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