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Thu Oct 27 18:51:53 EDT 2005

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So, as  the winter sets in, I'm thinking of the spring, and my next ride. THe 
V8 is  short lived.  Miles, rust and looming repairs mean that 1993 V8's will 
 become even more rare soon.  So, my initial idea was to drop the ABH into  
the GT.  It can, and has, been done.  But, it would be nearly  undriveable on 
the track, much debating later decided, and so that's no longer  a realistic 

SO, I'm thinking - get a nice 4KQ.   Get a coupe quattro tranny, put the CQ 
tranny and V8 rear diff in.  Pop  the V8 4.2 running on EFI in after a freshen 
up.  Swap in 5 bolt hubs and  G60's out of the V8, so I can run my S4 Avus 
wheels on the car.   Coilovers, a cage and race seats later, the car should be a 
300hp, 2500 lb  track beast.  

Thoughts?  I figure the whole thing  should cost around 15,000$, and would be 
one of a  kind.

Turboing is not an option, Nate.  :-)


Why a cq's 01A tranny? The 4kq already has a 4:11 geared 016, no reason to  
$15k sounds way too high for what you're talking about, more like $10k for  a 
sweet track toy.
And there is at least one 4kq being converted to a 4.2 already.

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