[V8] Save this V8 from parting

gabe Holmes holmesjg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 15:05:06 EDT 2005

I have a 90 v8 Lago Blue/gray with a rebuilt tranny (1999) put in 20k
mi ago...the car has 104k...the car runs great with the exception of
having to manually shift into overdrive sometimes(switching selector
from E to M;probably the switch or the connection on the tranny). 
Other know problems is the Cruise doesn't work; most likely when the
new tranny was put in...the drivers door doesn't open from the
inside;due to a broken handle internally...the car needs to be
aligned; I've been trying to get the tranny shop to do it (as well as
the CC) because the installation caused the the car to be out of
alignment, but they refuse to work on my car anymore(cost $2000 for
the install).  Also the exterior is not perfect as it has bumper peel,
front valence is cracked, and there are two minor/medium dings on the
passenger side.  The interior is in great condition; no excessive
wear, all electrical works (front and rear heated, power/memory seats)
except pass. rear window (probably switch).  I'm probably going to
pull out the cd player as it was never hooked up right for the bose
speakers.  Anyways, please save me from having to part this to get my
money out of it.  I know there is an enthusiast out there that can
make this diamond in the rough perfect...i just don't have the time,
patience, V8 knowledge, and money to go through and fix these minor
bugs. I'm asking $2500 to get my major costs out of it (not including
purchase price), but I am flexible. Or if i can get some major
help/cheap parts for these fixes, I would love to keep the car...I


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