[V8] Fuel at $3 + per gallon

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at comcast.net
Thu Sep 1 20:28:50 EDT 2005

Well said! damn those fuel costs!! I will pay them I love my V8 and wont 
have it any other way. Besides if you dont drive like a idiot in the car 
it can get decent gas mileage just drive lightfooted unless your passing 
or getting on a interstate and your good.

North Bend WA
93 V8Q that gets 17mpg *grin*

Roger M. Woodbury wrote:

>I have found the recent threads about fuel mileage to be really interesting.
>I think that at $3.30 per gallon...for premium...we have reached the flinch
>point.  I believe that Nixon's "Silent Majorit" are going to start to really
>scream loud, because their slice of the Great American Dream is withering.
>I don't know about any of you, but if I owned a two year old Ford Explorer,
>and was driving it about 40 miles to work and home every day, I would be
>some cranky about now, realizing that I would have to double or triple what
>I used to spend for gas each week.  
>We are looking at the end of an era in terms of social history.  The age of
>cheap gas as a birthright in the US is ending, and soon...very soon, we are
>going to be exactly like what the Europeans have been for a long time:
>devotees of mass transit.
>Only we don't have a mass transit system worthy of the name.  Big Oil and
>the former Big Three saw to it that we all were raised on the idea of having
>our very own "hemi" or "tunnel port" or "GTO" or whatever.  
>Now the Gummint is feasting on the bloated concept that we all should be
>able to go out and haunt the open road any old time with taxes put upon
>taxes upon the cheap gallons of gas.  Only, now that all is going to end.
>GM is on the ropes.  It's plans for the next few years are ridiculous when
>considered along side the spectre of $4.50 per gallon of regular.  
>Ford is generally foundering under the misleadership of the current edition
>of brain dead offspring of Henry....only Chrysler might have a key because
>it is owned outright by Mercedes, which could really do everything right if
>it doesn't let its arrogance get total control of everything...which it
>So, what is going to happen?  Well, first of all there will be a mad
>scramble to bring to market "new" engines that will get extremely good fuel
>mileage.  The manufacturers MUST do this, or they will perish in the face of
>rising regular fuel prices. 
>Secondly, the manufacturers who have high performance diesels ready, will
>grow market share...VW and Mercedes, principally, as they both have engines
>that meet the 2007 Federal gummint standards.  GM and Ford will follow with
>limitied displacement, or "only some of the cylinders, some of the time"
>engines" that will prove to be a maintenance nightmare, and come back to
>haunt the manufacturer big time about the 2010 time frame...
>In the meantime, those of us with old cars that perform remarkably well on
>the rising price gasolines that we have can either keep them running, or
>fool ourselves into thinking that we should incur major capital expense to
>cut the cost of per-mile driving....typical pound foolish and penny-wise
>Me?  Well, I am still considering another V8.  Damn the premium fuel cost,
>and full throttle ahead!  At least it is an "old" car.....
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