[V8] Binding rear wheel on sharp slow turn

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 3 12:57:50 EDT 2005

Sounds like the center diff locking up. That's what causes the rear inside 
wheel to slip/gring on the ground. The center diff is electronic, controled 
by information from the ABS wheel speed sensors. I've seen several cars do 
this on startup, then unlock after a few seconds. Usually they had a problem 
with one or more of the ABS sensors. There is a procedure for removing, 
cleaning, and alligning them. Start with looking in the KB, the the 
archives. Never done it myself, so I'm not familliar with it.

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: [V8] Binding rear wheel on sharp slow turn

> Recently , as I turn 90 degrees left out of my driveway when starting
> off in the morning, I notice what feels like a binding or juddering
> going on at the rear of the car.  Occasionally the brake light will
> flicker also (I think it's the ABS light).
> It feels like something isn't right in the rear differential.
> Anyone 'been there had that' ?
> Mark.
> 90 V8   170 000miles
> VA
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