[V8] Reluctant Bumper Cover

Mike Arman armanmik at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 5 14:47:22 EDT 2005

>From: "Kneale Brownson" <kneale at coslink.net>
>Subject: [V8] Reluctant Bumper Cover
> > I'm getting ready to install the $1000 worth of timing belt parts from
> > Connection except I can't get the @#$$%^&*  bumper cover off.  I've
> > the six nuts with 13mm heads that are supposed to be the main retainers.
> > I've pried the ends loose at the wheel wells, but I can't budge anything.

Just did this . . .

Try a little up and down - the studs might be slightly bent and 
hanging up on the main frame members. When it lets go, it will do so 
suddenly, so be prepared to catch it before it falls.

Also, in addition to the Kostal connector, make sure you have the six 
*correct* 13mm nuts off  . . . the outer two on each side are tough 
to reach, but the inner two are a real bitch. As I recall, you have 
to go in from under the car, from the back, through a very unobvious 
slot on the radiator mounting, down low, and there's one on each side.

The six nuts you took off to free the bumper should be identical - if 
they are not, you've taken off some of the wrong parts. The correct 
fastener has a wide shoulder on it. Take heart, you'll probably have 
to remove them later anyway, so once the bumper is off you've saved 
yourself a little work for later.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8, not just a car, an ADVENTURE!

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