[V8] Rough idle on start up issue

Yves Bouchard YvesB at chromspec.com
Tue Sep 6 10:17:23 EDT 2005

I just got a 92 V8 for my wife,,  it run good once hot, the problem is
upon starting up cold ( 25C) it will not start the first time or it will
start but the it alsmost stall and then goes back to normal and does
that 4-5 time then stabilize, after that when in gear it will hesitate
for an other 1-2 minute and then it run ok,, I have changed the spark
plug , and cleaned the distributor ( freakenly expensive to change),
any idea what to look for next , I have pour some fuel injector cleaner
I it but I have not seen the result yet


Freezing 4  and 8

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