[V8] Front control arm Q

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
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Hmm.  You're not the only one I've heard this from.  I might just press new inner bushings in and  replace the outer ball joint boot instead (assuming the ball joint doesn't have any slop).

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  Ingo -

  I purchased the TRW units for my V8. the pair was $75 on e-bay.  They definately are not as robust as the stock units.  There was an odd look to one control arm (I do not remember which side was which).  One unit looked as if the casting was made incorrect and it had a 90 degree twist to the cast piece near the sub-frame mount end.  Also, one of the arms was slightly thinner in its casting.  

  I have not installed them yet, so I can still rethink the TRWs.


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  It's time to renew the front control arms (inner bushings torn and one 
  balljoint boot ripped :-(

  So what's the consensus (if there is one) between the OEM Lemforder and
  aftermarket TRW?  Lemforder would run me 2x the TRW -- but if they last 
  as long, that's worth it to me.  I don't like doing a job more often 


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