[V8] Bump in the Road ...

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Thu Sep 15 09:50:30 EDT 2005

> I've got other ideas for low cost ways to try to make people 
> think about what they are doing.

$0.45 is pretty low-cost.  Just requires some bondo and paintwork to
fill in the 1/2" hole in the door...

No I'm not Mr. NRA, and of course being facetious.  But it would make me
think twice!   Or just pick your neighbors -- A cop buddy of mine lives
across the street, and for a while this kid in a neon would blast up our
road on the way to his neighborhood...  Until one day when Officer Dan,
in street clothes but pistol holstered in plain view and detective badge
around his neck, stepped out in this kid's path.  A stern talking-to by
some tightwad Joe Citizen is one thing, but from this guy it's
completely different.  That neon hasn't exceeded creeping speed up our
road for over a year now.

I have another idea -- disposable baby stroller w/ a doll in it.  Works
best if your driveway has a nice slope down to the street.  Just need to
get the timing right... If that thing connecting w/ your mark's bumper
doesn't slow his/her butt down, nothing will.


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