[V8] Electrical Drain Solved!!

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Thu Sep 15 20:03:06 EDT 2005

Thanks everyone for the input on my dead battery issue.
I further investigated the problem and found that the 2 silver fuses/relays controled the windows and seats like was suggested.  One works the windows and passenger seat and one appears to be the drivers seat only.  The culprit was the drivers seat one.
The seat adjuster stopped working about a month ago (hmmm right about the time the battery issue started).  I took the front two seat bolts out and when I picked up the ffront of the seat I saw sparks along the back rail.
Started playing with the test light and found out the seat was "live with 12 volts" (this could explain the recent curly hair and glowing finger nails).  
So, the seat motors all worked fine (as long as the seat was not grounded to anything.  I keep the test light between the ground of the body and the metal in the seat and started going through the ups, downs, fowards, backward, back, forth and found that when the bottom of the seat was all the way up the test light would go out.
Long story short - frayed wire behind the control box would ground out when the seat was all the way down.
It's too dark to finish the repair now but I wonder if the static in the AM part of my radio is related to the short.  (The problem started about the same time).  The static is so bad - even when the car is not running you cannot listen to AM radio
It's amazing the wealth of knowledge on this list.  I normally would of just junked the car due to lack of  patients and went and looked for another one.
Thanks again everyone ,
Bob Blake
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