[V8] A8 or V8?

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If the ownership experience has involved maintenance
items that are annoying to the owner, and those maintenance experiences
outweigh the simple pleasure of driving the V8, then sell the V8 and buy
something else.  The maintenance of the "newer" car (especially a very used
A8), will be no less and probably more than the V8, but if there is no
satisfaction in owning and driving the V8, get rid of it, and move on.
I like Rogers analysis, but would add one comment. Most  V8 owners do their 
own work. In my case I did my own work partly because I could, and partly 
because dealers are too expensive and not trustworthy. Unfortunately, the scope of 
work for even an avid DIY is often limited by availability of equipment,  time 
and space. When the maintenance load approaches these limits, the decision 
tilts in favor of change. Notice, I did not use the term "upgrade". I bought my 
1990 V8 used in 1993, and traded to a used 1998 A8 in 1998. Knock wood, the 
only non normal maintenance I have had to do on the A8 is replace the coolant 
reservoir, and clean the cowl drain vents and A/C drains. HTH
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (gone but not forgotten)
1998 A8

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