[V8] Heater Box Removal....AAGH!!!

Klein, Nathan P nathan.p.klein at lmco.com
Mon Sep 19 09:31:06 EDT 2005

I didn't disconnect anything in the cabin.  I just followed what the big
4-volume manual instructed for heater box removal (section 87.70, I
believe) - basically, simply remove the obstructions and remove the
heater box.  They make it seem so easy!

How would I get to the plastic connector pipes?   

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Did you disconnect the dash piping connections in the car? There a
rubber connection and two hard plastic connector pipes that have to be

Klein, Nathan P wrote:

>Anyway, I've removed all of the obstructions to the box (hoses, 
>windshield wiper assembly, etc.) and can only lift it up a few inches.
>Either I'm missing a step or I need Herculean strength to get the box 
>out.  I don't think it's the latter.
>What to do?  Any ideas?  I've got to get her going again...
>Thanks in advance!
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