[V8] timing belt parts list

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Wed Sep 21 14:19:29 EDT 2005

120K miles is probably enough for a tensioner damper, but I think you can get a
good idea of its condition just by holding it in your hand and wiggling the
shock plunger in and out. If you feel slop, or if the action is not smooth or
lacks damping then replace it.
I noticed on mine that the shaft did have slop/play in it. The cause (determined
by disection) was that the shock rod was coming loose where it attached to the
piston. I believe at least one lister has had this unit fail - as in come apart.
This of course will lead to lots of bent valves.

On the plus side, I am pretty sure you can change the damper simply by removing
the right timing cover. It may be tricky to get it adjusted correctly but I am
pretty sure I did it once. If that vis true, you can do the repair any time you
want without special tools.


Quoting John Dodd <john.dodd at sait.ca>:

> In preparation for TB change could you guys go over the list and
> add/substract some parts that I missed or parts I should not change.
> I find that the dampener timing belt(2pieces )is very expensive.Should I
> change them ?
> I must have some parts missing from the list too.
> thanks
> John
> Item	 Part Number	 Part Number Originator
> Timing Belt	 077 109 119 E	 Audi
> Tensioner roller 2 pieces	 077 109 244A	 Audi
> Tensioner roller 	 077 109 243A	 Audi
> Seal ring camshaft 2 pieces	 026 103 085 D	 Audi
> Front crank seal	 054 115 147 B	 Audi
> Water Pump (Meyle)	 077 121 004 G	 Audi
> Dampener timing belt 2 pieces	 077 109 246 B	 Audi
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