[V8] timing belt parts list

Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Thu Sep 22 01:43:25 EDT 2005

AudiConnection has the complete list on their web site.  Includes
everything, some people choose not do certain items each time.   I would
do the water pump and thermostat each time, just to be safe. Do the oil
pump bearing, I plan on doing the tensioner rollers every other time.

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In preparation for TB change could you guys go over the list and
add/substract some parts that I missed or parts I should not change.
I find that the dampener timing belt(2pieces )is very expensive.Should I
change them ?
I must have some parts missing from the list too.
Item	 Part Number	 Part Number Originator	
Timing Belt	 077 109 119 E	 Audi	
Tensioner roller 2 pieces	 077 109 244A	 Audi	
Tensioner roller 	 077 109 243A	 Audi	
Seal ring camshaft 2 pieces	 026 103 085 D	 Audi	
Front crank seal	 054 115 147 B	 Audi	
Water Pump (Meyle)	 077 121 004 G	 Audi	
Dampener timing belt 2 pieces	 077 109 246 B	 Audi	
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