[V8] (3) V8 Vespa

Campozano, Robert RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Thu Sep 22 16:47:13 EDT 2005

That was pretty funny.  Anyway, I have heard pretty good things from the
below referenced company.  You may want to check them out or if any
lister has any experience with them feedback is appreciated.
Also, let me know off list how much you would like for a Vespa and what
model is available, cc's, etc.  My wife loves those things.
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<<From: dsaad at icehouse.net
Subject: Re: [V8] Vespa???
To: V8 at audifans.com
I knew I shoulda just kept my mouth shut!
Actually they are pretty cool if you have never seen them. They range in
engine size from 125cc to 200cc.
I get the sinking feeling that this is going to turn into an obsession -
just like the V8 did.
It all started because my friend had one that needed work - and no one
around here could do it. I bought a book, a few tools, and next thing
you know I am a Vespa mechanic! (que the Beverly Hillbillies theme song)
They are just slightly more complex than a lawn mower.
Quoting michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil:
Wow, do they all have a 3.6 or are any a 4.2?????>>

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