[V8] Vespa???

michael.a.flynn@us.army.mil michael.a.flynn at us.army.mil
Fri Sep 23 13:16:00 EDT 2005

A turbo Vespa would be the envy of all scooter trash!!!!!
BUT, my BMW R1150RS eats Vespa's for breakfast ;-) CRUNCH CRUNCH

If your gonna be scooter trash, there's no better way to do it
then on a real Vespa (or a vintage ride if you could find one!)
They are kind of cool.

My V8 is back on the road as of yesterday. Missed
that car. Feels better then my Acura, pulls harder then 
my Crown Vic Police Interceptor (not stock)

I do have a local buyer and we are supposed to close 
the deal tomorrow. So I will have lots of goodies to part
ways with cheap. I will offer to fellow listers,
I'm not looking to make a bunch of money,
would just like to see the parts go to people 
who will need them and use them. Then will
go to the Marketplace and then to ebay.

So next week I will list a pre-view of what will be going on the marketplace
here on Audifans. Hate to see the V8 go, is still a pleasure to drive.
I wont go so far as to say it needs nothing, there would be to many shouts 
of "BULLSH*T"! Ever meet a V8 that didnt need anything?

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