[V8] Bleeding the brakes

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Wed Sep 28 11:57:11 EDT 2005

The brake pressure accumulator (bomb) contains hydraulic oil from the power
steering/power brake pump, not brake fluid from the brake lines.  The
pressure from the hydraulics system goes to the booster behind the brake
master cylinder and provides assist in operating the master cylinder.  You
do not need to "bleed" the hydraulics.  The pump provides upwards of 2000
psi of pressure to the fluid and will self bleed through the hydraulics

You should flush the brake lines through the brake master cylinder to each
of the caliper bleeder screws.  Audi calls for pressurized brake bleeding.
I use the Eezibleeder  http://www.rdent.com/images/eezibleed.jpg     There
are several reports in the archives of Audifans.com about making your own
pressure bleeder for under $15.  I hook my Eezibleeder up to the master
cylinder and run a pint of brake fluid to each caliper for my annual system
flushing.  The sequence is RR, LR, RF, LF.    The Eezibleeder container
only holds a pint, so I have to disengage it and refill for each corner.
I use an air pressure gauge/control device to keep the air pressure to my
Eezibleeder at about 15 psi.

At 08:01 AM 9/28/2005 -0700, Jeremy Ward wrote:
>Hey gang, it's time for me to replace la Bomba as well as my brake lines.  I
>have all the parts now to do the job, but have a few questions about
>bleeding the brake system...
>When you remove the bomb, does brake fluid come out?  Do you have to do
>anything special to get new fluid into it and air bubbles out of it?
>Is there anything that can be done / should be done to get old fluid out of
>the ABS pistons (etc)?
>Can I bleed the brakes old school style by having one person step on the
>pedal while the other person opens the valve on the caliper, or should I try
>to find someone with a method to push or pull the fluid out?  (can't spend
>$70 right now on a new tool).

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